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METAFRASI provides interpreters that meet your business needs and suit your corporate image, guaranteeing their broad education and experience both in general and specialised fields. Our interpreting service covers a wide range of language pairs and is one of the most complete on the market.

  1. > Liaison interpreting

    In this method the interpreter is situated between the speakers and translates what the participants are saying sentence by sentence, facilitating communication between the parties. It is ideal for business negotiations.

  2. > Consecutive interpreting

    This method consists of interpreting a speech or a part thereof after the speaker has finished. It is recommended for small groups working with no more than three languages.

  3. > Chuchotage or whispered interpreting

    This is a variation of simultaneous interpreting, whispered to the participants. It does not require technical equipment and is recommended for conversations, negotiations, tours, meetings and the like where only a few people do not understand the source language.

  4. > Simultaneous interpreting

    This is real-time, uninterrupted interpreting of a speech given in the source language. The interpreters work in booths equipped with microphones, headphones and other equipment. It is recommended for conferences in various languages with many attendees, since the audience may choose the language channel they would like to hear the speech in.


We also offer the option of leasing booths for simultaneous interpretation, interpreters briefcases (portable equipment) and audiovisual equipment.

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Metafrasi is a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona.logotipo

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